About us

Τhe Balkan Observer project came as an idea in the summer of 2015 when its co-founders Jurgen Doci and Dimitris Makrystathis initiated an online platform aiming to promote new ideas, opinions, analyses and voices from young people around the Balkans.

Based on the principles of transparency, equality, solidarity and promoting freedom of speech the Balkan Observer project offers the opportunity to every young, motivated blogger, writer, analyst and researcher to promote their work and expose issues of common interest for all Balkan states. A network of Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD students young professionals, journalists, bloggers, researchers and analysts from around the Balkans and beyond that work together aiming to unite voices around the Balkan region and expose issues and problems that are common in all Balkan states.

Furthermore the Balkan Observer project offers the opportunity to promote innovative ideas and initiatives from the region. Journalists, entrepreneurs, writers, researchers and analysts can promote their initiatives and work in the Balkan Observer platform. Our team promotes motivation, professionalism, open and transparent communication. Balkan Observer is free and welcomes new initiatives and proposals. Aiming to create a network that unites young voices around the region under a common purpose: to transform the region into a more transparent and open society. So, if you are young and motivated send us your article, work and research related to your field of studies or work. Our team will evaluate and publish it! Be part of the Balkan Observer network, be the change in your society!

Dimitris Makrystathis
Jurgen Doci
Athanasios Vasilopoulos